Bruhm 600L Chest Freezer - BCF DD600

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Bruhm BCF DD600


  • Super tropicalized with outside condenser (38°C up to 43°C)
  • Adjustable temperature control panel (1~6)
  • 70 minutes fast freezing to reach -18°C
  • High energy efficiency compressor
  • Foam thickness: 60 mm
  • With Inside Door LED Lamp
  • Grip handle
  • Lock & key

Bruhm refrigerators come in a nice variety of different sizes and designs and are a perfect blend of aesthetics and performance.Bruhm Chest Freezer offers you a range of benefits that you will just not be able to say no to.

Chest freezers are better than standing freezers because they have more space to take a large amount of foodstuff, drinks or fruits. This option is recommended especially if you have a home and a family. Also, they seal better thereby keeping air in them to cool your stuff and do not easily open unless you open them yourself.

If you do not always have the time to stay at home, Bruhm chest freezer can help you to save the time and effort it would take to cook every single time you need to. With this freezer, you can simply cook your food for one or two weeks, freeze it and then warm portions when you need to eat. If you're a vegetarian or someone who loves fruits, you could buy a ton and keep them in your freezer. This would ensure that they stay cool and fresh whenever you want to eat them. Also, in cases where you need to entertain visitors in your home, you can readily do so without having to bother when you already have a couple drinks in your refrigerator.

Bruhm freezers are reliable and durable and BCF DD600 is also a Bruhm Double Door Refrigerator which is efficient, durable and easy to use.

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